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New Project: Intermittent Fasting Blog

I have always been interested in fitness and nutrition, and as the new year approaches and we all vow to eat more heathily, I have decided to launch a blog to help keep me on track. I experimented with intermittent fasting (IF) and paleo(ish) eating throughout 2012 with really good results, so it seems to work well for my body type.

I am not one to buy in to fad diets or trendy workout plans, so this is literally finding something that works well for me through years of trail and error. The blog will be a personal diary to keep a record of things such as: nutrient macros, workouts, progress pictures, etc.

I will not be doing any deliberate linkbuilding to this blog, other than anything naturally occurring via normal online interactions. No guest blogging, no directory submissions, no infographics, no PR, etc. This site will apply very closely to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Any links that do get built will be through people finding and liking my content.

The blog is more a project to keep me on track with personal goals – I will not be monetising the website unless it somehow acquires substantial traffic numbers (not holding my breath, considering how popular IF has become). As can be seen in the Google Trends graph at the top of the page (keyword: Intermittent Fasting), popularity has really been on the increase in the past 6 months.

The website does have an exact match domain for a relatively popular keyword term. As above, I will not be creating links with this term as the anchor text, so if the website does end up ranking, it will reinforce my belief that exact match domains still make a very noticeable impact to rankings.

So as not to influence the backlink profile, I will not be linking to the blog from this website (yet). I will however be updating this blog with any interesting findings on traffic, backlinks, social sharing, etc.

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