New Car: B7 A4 Avant 2.0T Special Edition

Since long before I was actually able to drive, I’ve been an avid fan of Japanese vehicles (with a particular penchant for those built in the 1990s – the ‘Golden Era’ of the Japanese sports car). I won’t bore you with the details (you can read about my obsession in a guest post I wrote for Speedhunters), but essentially I refused to drive anything that wasn’t built in Japan. Continue reading


Google Adwords – PPC Tips Part 1

Although Google is continually driving businesses towards Adwords through what could be considered shady manipulation of its organic results, pay per click advertising can still provide a great ROI. I often meet with clients who have tried to launch a half baked PPC campaign, and when it inevitably goes wrong, they label Adwords as a scam, or useless. This simply isn’t the case; to get a decent return from Adwords, you must test, analyse, and optimise. Continue reading